Latin American Graffiti

Graffiti is a term that comes from the Greek word graphein, to write, and the Italian word graffito, meaning to draw or scribble on a flat surface. Graffiti is done everywhere in Latin America (LA), because any defacement of private property is considered to be a form of graffiti, but it is most prominent in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. Brazil is widely regarded as the place to go for artistic inspiration when it comes to graffiti art and its graffiti artists are considered the best in the world.

Mexico – Mexico city

Argentina – Buenos Aires

Colombia – Bogota

Chile – Valparaíso

Guatemala – San Pedro La Laguna

Bolivia – La Paz

Brazil – Rio de Janeiro

Ecuador – Cuenca

Mexico – Cancun

Cuba – La Havana

Uruguay – Montevideo

Peru – Mancora

Argentina – Buenos Aires

Colombia – Cartagena

Honduras – Tegucigalpa

Chile – Valparaíso

Costa Rica – San José

Nicaragua – Granada

Peru – Cajamarca

Bolivia – La Paz

Chile – Antofagasta


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