Pimples On Billboards

As a teenager, you look at a magazine and for the first time, it clicks in your head that that girl has no pores, that she smiles but her eyes have no wrinkles… that’s the moment you realize someone behind the scenes is changing how a face looks…as an adult… it gets you angry. It surely did get us angry and we decide to launch @Un.Photoshop

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Modern ads tend to create unrealistic expectations

So we stuck pimples on billboards to make ads more realistic

We printed the stickers ourselves, adjusted the size and colors for different skin tones

We made sure that our project was as inclusive and wide-reaching as possible

We want people to see that it’s ok to have pimples, and stretch marks

And to point out just how photoshopped and fake ads have become

We want to start a conversation about moving forward in media

We are encouraging industries to stop these harmful beauty standards

This is what their audience needs and wants to see

Even if they don’t know it yet

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