Old Pickup Truck Given New Life as a Creative Desk

For many folks, a desk is an important part of their work life. If that’s the case, then why own a conventional piece of furniture when you can have a desk that was once a truck? Yes, you read that right. In one of the most creative desk DIYs we’ve seen, an old truck was given a new life in a cozy office.

So, how exactly does someone turn a truck into a desk? Well to start, it helps if you own a restoration/hot rod garage. Jesse Barratt, the man behind this impressive DIY, said that a customer gave an entire truck to his shop, Blue Sky Performance & Restoration. When it arrived, he knew that it wasn’t worth salvaging. “It would take over 100K to restore this truck front to back,” Barratt wrote. “It looks pretty good in the pictures but beauty was only skin deep on this ‘ole girl. The cab was so rotted out that it was falling down over the frame.”

Barratt and his crew at Blue Sky intend to use the rest of the vehicle to make more furniture. “Some say it’s a waste,” he said, “but the truck was going nowhere fast, so now it will live inside with people admiring the style of these old trucks for years to come!”

More info: Jesse Barratt: Instagram h/t [Reddit]

So, how did Jesse Barratt turn a truck into a creative desk?

how to build a unique desk

Here’s what the truck looked like when it first arrived to the shop…

creative office furniture

After removing the front of the truck, Barratt primed the metal and filled the rot holes.

most creative desk diy most creative desk diy desk diy

Afterwards, it was sanded smooth.

desk diy hot rod furniture

To make sure it’d be a stable desk, it was mounted to a metal frame.

desk diy

Painted pinstripe flames gave this desk some character.

hot rod furniture unconventional furniture unconventional furniture unconventional furniture

Once the paint was sealed with clear coat, the lights and trim were installed.

how to build a unique desk

All that was left was a custom piece of glass for the desk top…

how to build a unique desk

With the glass installed, Barratt’s impressive DIY was done!

creative furniture how to build a unique desk


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