The winners of the Fairy Tales 2017

In a ceremony at the National Building Museum, the winners of the Fairy Tales 2017 competition were recently announced. Entering into its fourth year, the contest calls for artists, writers, illustrators, and architects to submit their architectural fairy tales. Each entry, complete with narrative text and five images, is evaluated by an expert jury of architecture professionals, including Stefano Boeri and Michael Van Valkenburgh.

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First Prize, Last Days by Mykhailo Ponomarenko

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architectural fairy tales architectural fairy tales architectural fairy tales

Second Prize, City Walkers by Terrence Hector

architectural fairy tales
“The city in this story was an exploration of civilization and urbanism as humanity’s relationship with natural and biological systems that exist on a vastly longer timescale than the human lifespan. Creating a closer relationship time-wise between human and natural timeframes let me derive a new urban typology, which also acts as a parable of overexploitation. I was trying to work through an inferred genealogy from the USS Monitor to Hayao Miyazaki, working through a tradition of humanizing massive, aggressive machines.”

architectural fairy tales

Third Prize, Up Above by Ariane Merle d’Aubigné and Jean Maleyrat

architectural fairy tales

“Revisiting the world of fairy tales by participating in the Blank Space competition was very stimulating. The short narrative takes a look at reality through the marvelous and the fantastic. We have tried to highlight contemporary issues and concerns by letting the supernatural burst into reality. Migration, the accumulation of wealth, overpopulation, the terrorist threat and pollution are some of the issues with which we live every day. We highlighted these concerns and our love of art through this poetic tale. Our generation often aspires to an “elsewhere”, in our “elsewhere” the rules of the game have changed.”

architectural fairy tales

AIAS Prize, Playing House by Maria Syed and Adriana Davis

architectural fairy tales

“Playing House embodies the idea that architecture can eclipse the personality of its occupants, where the character and style of the architecture dictate the mood of the inhabitants. The loud textures and discordant angles of the home sparked the idea for the story: transitioning from room to room manifests itself in drastic physical and psychological change. The drawings, the genesis of our submission, address architectural conventions of projection drawings, merged with the unconventional appearance of the home to create friction. This act is mirrored in the story, where a typical visit from a neighbor turns peculiar. The two creators of this project worked closely throughout their undergraduate career, creating an inseparable partnership for their first collaboration.”

architectural fairy tales


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