Dogs Are Humans Too…

It is no coincidence that we humans like dogs so much. It’s because they look like us. Or, at the least, resemble us. Sure, they have four legs and a tail, with long noses and elongated toothy jaws. Fur vs. hair. But the way a dog looks at you, with those big round eyes dripping with emotion, the body language curving this way and that, the furrowed brow. It’s all just so human. Even the whimpers, cries, and tongue licks all seem so deeply rooted in our subconscious.

We can’t help but see ourselves, the happiness, the concern, the sadness, the pure joy. Kindred spirits in a different form. Individual and universal. Man’s best friend is more like man’s best version of himself.

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Passionate Pomeranian Pup

Aloof Afghan

Perplexed Poodle

Bashful Boston Terrier

Blithe Bloodhound

Manic Mastiff

Wary Weimaraner

Relaxed Rottweiler

Pompous Poodle

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