The RokBlok smallest wireless record player

The RokBlok is a creative Kickstarter project solution to portable vinyl. It’s a small block that rides along your records, serving as both needle and speaker to play back audio. And while it still needs a flat surface to function, it’s infinitely more portable than carrying around a full-size turntable.

RokBlok - A New Spin, on Vinyl. project video thumbnail

RokBlok is the world’s smallest wireless record player, that plays your favorite records by lightly riding on top of them. Rock out to your favorite albums anywhere, using it’s built in speakers, or wirelessly connect your favorite bluetooth speakers or headphones for a bigger sound.

RokBlok Prototype
RokBlok Prototype


To use, simply place RokBlok on top of a record and pull the lever to start playing your tunes. Hold your hand above the moving record player to stop. That’s it.

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Yes, wireless! Within a range of 30 feet, RokBlok can wirelessly send music from your record to any bluetooth speakers or headphones.

RokBlok + Bluetooth = Awesome
RokBlok + Bluetooth = Awesome


Want to listen to Dylan in your bedroom? No problem. Wanna share your favorite Gil Scott Heron press with some friends at a park? Go for it. With it’s tiny profile, you can listen to your favorite records anywhere you can find a flat surface…yes, anywhere.




With it’s built in Pre-amp, Bluetooth, Speakers and Rechargeable Battery, RokBlok has everything needed to start listening to any record. Just place and play.


RokBlok was designed for current vinyl lovers, and those new to records alike. If you love vinyl, have ever been remotely interested in buying a record or two, or would just like the ability to listen to records outside of your living room, RokBlok is for you.



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