Kyoto’s New Bookstore-Themed Hostel

A self-described “accommodation bookshop,” Book and Bed Tokyo is a hostel with a bookish twist. Designed to look like a cozy shop around the corner, the literary lodging made its grand debut in 2015 and proved to be an instant hit among traveling bookworms. While its eclectic collection of reading material is a big draw, it is its unique sleeping quarters that truly bring in the bookings. Tucked inside the hostel’s wall-to-wall bookshelves are single-occupant nooks, each complete with a bed and, of course, a reading light. Given its success in Tokyo, the experimental inn is opening a second location in Kyoto.

More info: Book and Bed Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
via [Rocket News 24]

All images via Book and Bed Kyoto.

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