Human-robot marriage will be legal by 2050?

In the face of AI exerts repeatedly predicting the rise of sex robots, it’s increasingly difficult to insist that such machines strictly belong to a far-off, dystopian future. But some robotics experts predict we’ll soon be doing far more than having sexual intercourse with machines. Instead, we’ll be making love to them—with all the accompanying romantic feelings.

A press officer poses with 'Pepper' the Humanoid Robot at the 'World of Me: Store of the near future installation' in London, Britain, April 13, 2016.

Movies like Terminator and iRobot have taught us many things like how robots can control everything and can even look like the human being.

“We’re being forced to contemplate what human-robot relationships will be like a generation or two from now, As love and sex with robots becomes more commonplace, we should come face to face with the very real possibility of marriage with robots.”Well, some fear robots are coming for our jobs, others think that robots are going to take over the world. However, one expert believes that robots are more likely be taking our hands in marriage because he predicts that human will wed their robot lovers by 2050.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Experts predict human-robot marriage will be legal by 2050

Others are less convinced. Oliver Bendel, professor at University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland, with a focus on machine ethics, says he does not believe sex or love robots will have moral standing. “Marriage is a form of contract between human beings to regulate mutual rights and obligations including the care and the welfare of children. Perhaps one day robots can have real duties and rights, though I don’t really believe it,” he says. However, he acknowledges that human-robot marriage could become legal by 2050 simply in response to public pressure.

Then again, Bendel says, legislation could move in the other direction: As sex and love robots become more realistic, governments could choose to ban sexual relationships between humans and machines. Either way, though the technology is not ready yet, experts believe it’s best to start figuring out the moral conundrums now, so that we’ll be prepared once romantic sex robots do arrive.

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