A Dog Who Spent 280 Days Wish for Home This Christmas

“His name, Boss, fits because when we walk around the neighborhood people look at him with respect and admiration because of how dignified he looks… But really his name could be Cupcake … He is sweetness dog-ified,” his foster mom  Deborah Lareau told The Dodo.

According to the latest news, the search for forever home is going really well so far. AHS writes: “He met with a potential new family today and is going to meet two potential dog siblings tomorrow to see how they get along… None of this would have been possible without you all sharing him, and we can’t thank you enough!”. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the doggie and we hope he gets to enjoy plenty of snuggles with his new owners this Christmas.

More info: Atlanta Humane Society | Facebook | Instagram (h/t: thedodo)

This 9-year-old pooch found himself homeless when his family couldn’t take care of him anymore


The Staffordshire spaniel mix has spent more than 280 days at the Atlanta Humane Society



Touched by the story, one kind donor offered to cover Boss’s adoption fee


According to the latest news, yesterday the doggie met potential owners and it went well


Fingers crossed for the doggie and we hope he gets to enjoy plenty of snuggles this Christmas


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