Samsung Galaxy S8 release date

Samsung is looking to make big changes to the Galaxy S8 off the back of the Note 7 debacle. Read on to find out more.

Samsung has had a mixed year, with the resounding success of the Galaxy S7, and the utter disaster that was the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung is no longer manufacturing the Note 7, and is telling users to keep their phones turned off, so many customers will be keen to bag themselves a Samsung Galaxy S8 next year.

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That said, we’re still months away from the expected February/March launch of the Galaxy S8, so there’s a limit to what we can say for certain about the new phone. Fortunately, the phone market is relatively easy to predict, so we have a good idea of what sort of processors, modems, and camera technology will be available for Samsung to utilise ahead of the phone’s debut.

Some of the likeliest Galaxy S8 features include Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830 chip or Samsung’s Exynos 8995, both of which are unannounced, as well as a 4K display and an Edge-style screen.

And excitingly, we even have some solid information to go on already: Samsung’s Vice Chairman Lee Jae-Yong has revealed (via the Wall Street Journal) that the Galaxy S8 will feature a new “slick design”, an improved camera, and an enhanced artificial intelligence service.

Here’s a round-up of what you can expect from the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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