Reverse Alzheimer’s With Coconut Oil

In 2016, Alzheimer’s disease has affected 5.4 million people and families across America.

It is the most common cause of dementia in the world and occurs primarily in our sweet elders. Although Alzheimer’s is not a natural part of aging, the risk of developing it doubles every five years after age 65.

If someone you love has been diagnosed with this disease, my heart goes out to you.

In previous years, concerned family members of Alzheimer’s patients have researched and tried everything under the sun to slow down or halt symptoms of their loved one’s disease.


Even though some have had incredible success, mainstream media failed to recognize them because of the lack of official studies or proper funding.

Coconut Oil For Alzheimer’s Disease

The official studies were released about a common kitchen staple being a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease.

The study found that patients who took 2 ½ Tbsp of coconut oil daily experienced a significant improvement of symptoms.

Researchers concluded that coconut oil has a positive influence on the cognitive levels of the patients, especially women.

Another study found that consumption of medium-chain triglycerides (the main fat in coconut oil) lead to immediate improvement of brain function in patients with mild Alzheimer’s.


So WHAT makes coconut oil so amazing that it could improve the function of our BRAIN?

Medium-Chain Triglycerides.

Coconut oil is packed with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs); a type of healthy fat that helps to:

  • Prevent vitamin deficiency
  • Increase bioavailability of fat-soluble nutrients
  • Support physiological health
  • Prevent cognitive laziness
  • Prevent loss of memory
  • Help reduce body weight

MCTs are easier for the body to digest than other fats and are quickly converted to energy by the liver.


The belief that fat is BAD for you is a MYTH and has been harming people’s health for years.

Your brain is composed of 60% fat. So it makes sense that your brain would need healthy fats in order to function optimally. Imagine what happens when people spend years and years trying to AVOID all fat (even the good kinds!) because they believe it will help them lose weight (when the real culprit of their weight troubles is most likely SUGAR)!


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