Results on Google as soon as polls close

In a blog post Monday, technology giant Google announced plans to display the results of the U.S. election directly in search, in over 30 languages, as soon as the polls close. Web searchers who query for “election results” will be able to view detailed information on the Presidential, Senatorial, Congressional, Gubernatorial races as well as state-level referenda and ballot propositions, says Google. The results will be updated continuously — every 30 seconds, as indicated by a screenshot shared by the company on its official blog post detailing the new features.


This data is presented in an easy-to-read format, with Democrats in blue, Republicans in red, and simple graphs, alongside the key numbers.

While Google has offered voter assistance tools for years in past elections, the company has really stepped up its game in this most recent cycle, with the rollout of web and mobile tools that helped people figure out how to register, how to vote or vote early, where to find their polls, who’s on the ballot, and more. It also made those guides available in Spanish.

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