Men’s ideal body has changed Throughout History

Men's body ideals over history LAMILLYBEAUTIFUL BODS: From tubby to toned, the ideal figure for guys has changed a lot

There’s lots of pressure on women to achieve the “perfect” body – but lots of men also want to match up to what’s considered beautiful today.The graphic designer, from Pittsburgh, US, made the images for Lammily by collecting images from each era for the study.


1870s body ideal LAMILLYImage result for Fat Man's club year 1890

1870S: A fuller figure meant you had wealth

1870sInterestingly, if we rewind back to the 19th century, then the ideal figure would be considered overweight today.


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1930S: Men looked at Hollywood actors for the ideal body
Image result for Gregory Peck
1930sHollywood brought new body expectations for men during it’s Golden Age. Actors needed to be more slim and fit because the “camera adds 10 pounds”.


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1960S: Men began to rebel and got skinnier
Image result for John Lennon
1960sThe sixties saw a backlash against authority and the rise of counterculture. As for men’s figures, they rebelled by not caring about their fitness or body image.


Image result for Schwarzenegger
1980S: Bodybuilding and a ripped physique became more fashionable
Image result for Schwarzenegger
1980sFitness became more trendy in the seventies and continued into the eighties. Looking youthful and beautiful meant having a ripped body.

As bodybuilding was becoming more popular, men became interested in sculpting their bodies and transforming themselves.


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1990S TO PRESENT: Nowadays men want a toned, lean body
Image result for bi rain builder six pack
1990s – presentAs the nineties came about, it became trendy to have an “every man” look.


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