‘Flat-free’ semi-solid bike tires

Never deal with flat tires on your bicycle again. No air, no liners, just genius design and custom materials to ensure you keep riding.

Getting a flat tire is never fun, and while it can be just mildly annoying at the least, it can also mean a long walk home if you’re unfortunate enough to be caught without a patch kit and pump (or the skills to use them), and sometimes the old flat tire excuse is used to keep bikes parked for months before being ridden again.

But even if you’re prepared for the eventual flat tire, having to stop and deal with one still adds time and frustration to your schedule, so many daily riders opt to install ‘puncture-proof’ liners between the tire and tube, and to use heavy duty tubes with a healthy portion of some form of ‘tire goo’ that can seal punctures from the inside out.



Secret Sauce: No air = No flats. Ever Tires are made of a one-of-a-kind unique polymer blend that promotes durability along with control.

In addition to its elegant appearance, the brilliant design produces a reduction in weight that will allow you to compete with the top athletes in your area… well at least the kids on your block.


While it’s difficult to contend with the performance of an air inflated tire, adjustments to the density of the polymer as well as the number of holes in the tire have been made to provide a mix of cushion and resilience.


Mother Nature called… she doesn’t want your tires back.

That's alotta rubber.
That’s alotta rubber.

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