Finalists Nature Photographer Of The Year 2016 – National Geographic

2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest has come to an end, but before the judges pick the winners, let’s take a look at the best entries ourselves.

Who’d you give the grand prize to? Shout out in the comments below!

More info: National Geographic (h/t: mymodernmet)

#1 Dancing In The Rain

“Fox caught in action under the rain”

Dancing In The Rain

Vladislav Kamenski

#2 Hummingbird

“A baby humming bird found his way into my home.


Emily Riley

#3 Pacific Storm

A colossal Cumulonimbus flashes over the Pacific Ocean as we circle around it at 37000 feet en route to South America

Pacific Storm

Santiago Borja

#4 Bathing In The Snow Flake

“The fox was bathing in the snow flake.”

Bathing In The Snow Flake

Hiroki Inoue

#5 Moving At A Snail’s Pace…

“While enjoying the sights of Chicago’s Garfield Conservatory found this unlikely traveler taking a closer look at this Bromeliad.

Moving At A Snail's Pace...

Samira Qadir

#6 Icescape


Kelly King

#7 Puffin Studio

“This image was taken last summer on Skomer Island, Wales.

Puffin Studio

Mario Suarez Porras

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