Dog miss his owner’s and has spend six years at graveside

Loyal: Capitan has not left the side of Miguel Guzman's grave since 2006 - and sleeps on top of it every night
Capitán stays faithfully on vigil by his owner’s graveside. Photo credit: La Voz

For six years, a dog named Capitán has stayed by his owner’s graveside in Villa Carlos Paz Cordoba, Argentina. Every day at 6pm, he lays by Miguel Guzmán’s headstone, on faithful vigil.

The dog’s remarkable story of loyalty began on March 24, 2006, when Miguel, who was Capitán’s owner, passed away. As soon as Capitán realized Miguel was no longer at home, he left to search for him and miraculously managed to find Miguel’s grave in the nearby cemetery. Since then, the dog has stayed by his deceased owner’s side and refuses to return home.


His Masters Grave: The German Shepherd ran away from the family home shortly after Mr Guzman's funeral and miraculously found his resting place
Photo credit: La Voz

Here to stay: Mr Guzman's son Damian has tried to bring Capitan home but he always runs back to the cemetary in Villa Carlos Paz
Photo credit: La Voz

Hector Baccega said that Capitán walks with him through the cemetery every day, but when the early evening approaches, he goes to Miguel’s tomb and lays down next to the headstone. Hector feels the amazing dog is sharing a valuable lesson with humans – to appreciate the memories of the dearly departed.

Protector: Although it has been six years since Mr Guzman's death Capitan proves a faithful companion and guards his grave day and night
Photo credit: La Voz

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