DeepMind develope bot for playing StarCraft II

For almost 20 years, the StarCraft game series has been widely recognised as the pinnacle of 1v1 competitive video games, and among the best PC games of all time. The original StarCraft was an early pioneer in eSports, played at the highest level by elite professional players since the late 90s, and remains incredibly competitive to this day.

According to Google’s Deepmind and engadget, Google’s Deepmind AI has already learned how to best humans at Go, but now Deepmind’s resources will be pointed at an entirely different game: Starcraft II. Blizzard just announced at Blizzcon that it is partnering with Google to open up Starcraft II as a research platform for those building AI programmers.


“Blizzard will release an API early next year that will allow researchers and hobbyists around the world to build and train their own AI agents to play Starcraft II,” said Oriol Vinyals, a research scientist at Google DeepMind.



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