Best upgrade on Macbook Pro this year

Macbook Pro is one of the top choices of photographers, filmmakers. Apple Macbook Pro line of newly introduced many groundbreaking technologies to support users faster operation, and simultaneously with that is many hardware and technology “is still popular” removed.

1. The absence of the SD port

This is a memory card slot on the MacBook Pro has been removed to make room for the USB-C

Current SD cards are still very popular so Removing the SD card slot on the new Macbook will cause difficulties.

2. New touch bar

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 3.33.24 PM.png
This is one of the most innovative upgrades on the MacBook Pro this year. The functions of this display strip related to edit photos / videos today:

3. Large touchpad 2 times

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 3.11.24 PM.png

MacBook’s touch pad is one of the best touchpad, smartest and coolest.
4. USB-C


We should be ready for such type-C USB connection port of the future. 4-C USB port on the new MacBook Pro Thunderbolt port 3 ultra wide bandwidth 40Gb / s, so the speed will be very high. The copying of video or hundreds of gigabytes 4K RAW images will become simpler and a lot faster.

With 4 Thunderbolt ports 3, you can set up a system for image processing Studio, 2 video with RAID hard drive and expand the 2-screen ultra-high resolution 5K.
5. Monitor nicer

New Macbook Pro screen property with P3 color space. This means that the color display quality of this screen more than 25% compared to common sRGB color system. Especially green and red represents more beautiful, more accurate. Apple said the new brighter display with 500nit brightness and contrast increased by 67%, thereby helping to better represent black, more details, …

comparisons with sRGB color space P3

6. Slimmer, lighter

When taking photos, we often have to carry many heavy photo equipment, including the MacBook. Thus the thinning machine, lighter, more compact photography will help in the long run easier.

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