Beautiful landscape in Xinjiang

Du khách có cảm giác như lạc vào chốn tiên cảnh khi đặt chân tới thung lũng hoa mơ ở Tân Cương. (Ảnh:
Guests can feel lost in the first place, upon reaching the scene valley in Xinjiang apricot flowers. (Photo:
Thung lung hoa mo Tan CuongXinjiang is known for many mysterious stories about the history, culture. (Photo:
Scenery here remained almost wild character, primitive. (Photo: Swordlily Chang)
(Ảnh: prairie bursts with vitality fairytale beauty that visitors surprised. (Photo:
Apricot flowers blooming brilliant warm sun late spring in Xinjiang. (Photo:
Peak tourism period in the most beautiful valley Ly Y is from June to September every year. (Photo: Wien Yao)
(Ảnh: leisurely blooming apricot flowers hidden under beautiful forest. (Photo:
Visitors take souvenir photos under bright apricot trees bloom bung. (Photo:
Xinjiang lands retained many traditional cultures. (Photo:
Here, visitors are daydreaming in the immense space of the earth and sky, watching the beautiful natural scenery, breathing the fresh air. (Photo:
(Ảnh: among green lawns are white, pink dream flower interspersed. (Photo:
The beauty of the valley flowers overwhelmed dream in pictures taken from above. (Photo:
Picturesque scenery. (Photo:

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