Inner Mongolia nature landscape

Inner Mongolia promotes its winter charm

Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Inner Mongolia autonomous region’s tourism administration recently started to make a tour of road shows in 10 Chinese cities such as Beijing and Xi’an, Shaanxi province to promote the region’s rich winter tourism resources.

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The administration also revealed two mascots – a brother and a sister dressed in traditional costumes of Mongolian ethic group — and tourism souvenirs base on them such as dolls and king rings.

The region’s winter season lasts seven months, with picturesque ice-and-snow views.

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Tourists can go skiing and enjoy hot springs, and have authentic local dishes in Mongolian yurts. During the winter Nadam Fair, they can watch traditional performances and sports contests such as horse riding and archery.

“It’s good to travel to Inner Mongolia in all seasons. Air tickets and accommodations are much cheaper in winter, and the winter experience here is unique,” says Dong Limin, director of tourism promotion department of the tourism administration.

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